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IQAcademy Akademia Rozwoju Inteligencji – English

Kindergarten and nurseries IQ ACADEMY

Our main goal is to provide comfort and a sense of security to our pupils in a friendly place, where educational processes run through play. Children in our institutions learn on many levels, and education goes hand in hand with harmonious development, care, and upbringing.

Our youngest people leave the nursery fully prepared for the next educational process in terms of independence and social development.
In kindergarten, we focus on solid preparation of children for school education in both Polish and English. Classes are based on the Polish and British preschool education program.

Educational and additional activities offer

We can make your child:

Learn to manage emotions by:

• Practicing mindfulness and concentration of attention.
• Sound therapy.
• Relaxation and calming classes.
• Working on emotions.
• Recognizing emotions.

Speak two languages because:

We teach English as a native language.
• We implement the International Program of Universal Bilingualism
Bilingual Children / Bilingual future.

Receive help as soon as he encounters any difficulties by:

• Individual therapy.
• physiotherapy.
• Sensory integration (SI) classes.
• dog therapy.
• speech therapy.
• Support of a psychologist and psychotherapist.

Take care of him/herself and own health by:

• Participation in the program “In a healthy body healthy mind”.
• Eating healthy and nutritious meals.
• Possibility to choose a diet: vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, etc.
• Participation in music and movement activities.
• Participation in tai-chi classes.
• Participation in general development sports activities.
• Outdoor games.

Learn to experience the world on his/her own because he/she will:

• Learn through play.
• Develop all the senses in sensory and sensoplastic classes.
• Experiment under the supervision of her beloved aunt.
• Grow plants and vegetables on his/her own in the kindergarten garden.

Special education and early development support

– Comprehensive care of a physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist and SI therapist.
– Support of a special educator.
– Innovative classes in sound therapy.
– Constant contact between parents and specialists.
– Providing parents with instructions and advice on working with the child.

We provide parents with:

– Professional consultations with specialists.
– Support and Advice in the field of working with the child.
– Assistance in shaping attitudes and behaviors desired in contacts with the child.
– Assistance in solving educational problems.

In addition, soon, especially for parents, we intend to engage in the Conscious Parent Academy project, which will focus on the development of the child and the child health in a holistic concept.

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